Ware House 18  
  Ware House 18Ware House 18Ware House 18Ware House 18Ware House 18  

Lower you’re overhead.
No Long Term Storage commitment.
No need to invest in warehouse Space or equipment.
Pay only for storage space and services you use Increase ROI.
Create seamless logistics with your clients and vendors

Warehouse 18 handles all technologies related to compliance labeling such as EDI and identification codes that comply with all major retailers’ requirements.
Our systems are compatible with:
U.P.C. & EAN item identification codes.
I2of5 Bar-Coding
UCC/EAC 128 Bar-Coding
To name a few…

Unlike all the others that charge storage on a monthly basis, Warehouse 18 doesn’t believe in that. We can work out a by weekly or even a by daily storage charge. Why should you have to pay for your goods storage if they are not here?

We will receive your goods, unload the trailers, stage the goods, and ship them out with minimal storage time.

Our warehouse facility has a built in GOH (Garment On Hangers) rack system, services include: Sorting, Ticketing, Pick and Pack, Poly Bags and retail distribution.

Wither it is LTL, LCL, Full truck or Full trailer loads, Warehouse 18 will offer you the most reliable service at the industries competitive prices.

When we said FULL SERVICE we meant it!
We will clear your containers at Customs and truck it straight to our facility for storage.

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